Learning to Love
Doctrine and Covenants

Index Page By Michael J. Preece

Index - Doctrine and Covenants

Author’s Introduction
Explanatory Introduction

Section 1: The Lord’s Preface—The Voice of Warning
Section 2: Elijah the Prophet
Section 3: The Lost Manuscript
Section 4: Joseph Smith Senior’s Call to Labor
Section 5: Martin Harris—Witness of the Book of Mormon
Section 6: Confirmation of Oliver Cowdery’s Testimony
Section 7: Translation of the Parchment of John
Section 8: Oliver Cowdery Given Permission to Translate
Section 9: Why Oliver Cowdery Failed to Translate
Section 10: Fate of the 116 Pages

Section 11: Hyrum Smith’s Call to Labor
Section 12: Joseph Knight’s Call to Labor
Section 13: Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood
Section 14: Counsel to the Whitmers
Section 15: Counsel to the Whitmers
Section 16: Counsel to the Whitmers
Section 17: Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon
Section 18: Book of Mormon Witnesses to Choose Twelve Apostles
Section 19: Eternal and Endless Punishment—Atonement
Section 20: Constitution of the Church

Section 21: The Prophet is the Mouthpiece of God
Section 22: Rebaptism
Section 23: Counsel to Five Individuals
Section 24: Be Patient in Persecution
Section 25: An Elect Lady—Emma Smith
Section 26: Common Consent
Section 27: The Sacrament Emblems
Section 28: Only the Prophet Receives Revelation Section for the Church
Section 29: The Millennium
Section 30: More Counsel to the Whitmers

Section 31: Thomas B. Marsh
Section 32: Mission to the Lamanites
Section 33: The Eleventh Hour
Section 34: Orson Pratt
Section 35: Sidney Rigdon Called as Scribe
Section 36: Edward Partridge
Section 37: Commandment to Move to Ohio
Section 38: Reasons for Removal of the Church to Ohio
Section 39: Revelation to James Covill
Section 40: Judge Not

Section 41: Edward Partridge Called as First Bishop
Section 42: The Law
Section 43: Spurious Revelations
Section 44: Conference of June 18:31:
Section 45: The Second Coming of the Lord
Section 46: Gifts of the Spirit
Section 47: John Whitmer Named Church Historian
Section 48: Land for Gathering in Ohio
Section 49: The Shakers
Section 50: Teaching By the Spirit

Section 51: Law of Consecration
Section 52: Location of Zion
Section 53: Algernon Sidney Gilbert
Section 54: Colesville Saints Sent to Zion
Section 55: William Wines Phelps
Section 56: Change in Missionary Assignments
Section 57: Independence Is Center Place of Zion
Section 58: Instructions Concerning Zion
Section 59: Law of the Sabbath
Section 60: Journey Back to Kirtland

Section 61: Danger Upon the Waters
Section 62: Testimony
Section 63: Sign Seeking and Immorality
Section 64: Forgiveness
Section 65: Joseph Smith’s Prayer
Section 66: William E. McLellin
Section 67: The Challenge
Section 68: Bishops. Teach. Scripture.
Section 69 and 70: Book of Commandments

Section 71 and 73: Debate the Enemy
Section 72: Newell K. Whitney Called as Second Bishop
Section 74: 1 Corinthians 7:14
Section 75: Missionaries Called to the Eastern States
Section 76: The Vision
Section 76: Joseph’s Poetic Version
Section 77: Book of Revelation
Section 78: and 82: The United Firm
Section 79: and 80: The Call to Preach

Section 81: Counselor in the First Presidency
Section 83: Widows and Orphans
Section 84: The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood
Section 85: One Mighty and Strong
Section 86: Parable of the Wheat and Tares
Section 87: A Prophecy on War
Section 88: The Olive Leaf
Section 89: The Word of Wisdom
Section 90: Reorganization of the First Presidency

Section 91: The Apocrypha
Section 92: The United Firm
Section 93: The Origin and Destiny of Man
Section 94: Church Building Program
Section 95: Building the Kirtland Temple
Section 96: Peter French Farm
Section 97: Zion
Section 98: Laws of Retribution, War, and Forgiveness
Section 99: John Murdock Called to Preach
Section 100: Brief Mission to Canada

Section 101: Zion: Why Persecuted, When Redeemed
Section 102: The High Council
Section 103: Zion’s Camp
Section 104: Reorganization of the United Firm
Section 105: Zion’s Camp Disbanded
Section 106: Warren A. Cowdery
Section 107: Priesthood and Church Government
Section 108: Strengthen the Brethren
Section 109: Kirtland Temple Dedicatory Prayer
Section 110: Restoration of the Keys of the Priesthood

Section 111: The Salem Experience
Section 112: Thomas B. Marsh and the Quorum of the Twelve
Section 113: Book of Isaiah
Section 114: David W. Patten
Section 115: Far West
Section 116: Adam-Ondi-Ahman
Section 117: Far West is Gathering Place
Section 118: The Twelve Called to Preach in England
Section 119 and 120: The Law of Tithing

Section 121: The Spirit of the Priesthood
Section 122: Why the Lord Allows Adversity
Section 123: Committee on Persecution
Section 124: Nauvoo
Section 125: Iowa Saints
Section 126: Brigham Young
Section 127 and 128: Baptism for the Dead
Section 129: Discernment of False Spirits
Section 130: Items of Instruction by Joseph Smith

Section 131: Exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom
Section 132: Celestial Marriage
Section 133: The Appendix
Section 134: Relationship Between Church and Secular Government
Section 135: The Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum
Section 136: The Word and Will of the Lord for the Camp of Israel
Section 137: Vision of the Celestial Kingdom
Section 138: Vision of the Redemption of the Dead

Official Declaration 1
Official Declaration 2

History of the Evolution of D&C
Two-Hour History of the Church
The Gospel Dispensation
History of the Church
Inspired Revision of the Bible
Those Confusing Book of Mormon Plates
Joseph Smith’s Personal Practice of Plural Marriage
Scripture Mastery List